Average Fees for U.S. Businesses

CPA WorldTax has average fees based upon different business structures outlined below.  Of course your businesses situation is unique, so CPA WorldTax will prepare a fee estimate for you based upon your volume of transactions and your tax needs.  Below are average fees based upon business structure. 

CPA WorldTax will assess your tax situation and customize this fee estimate to your situation.

Be sure to visit the Pricing Policies page for an overview of CPA WorldTax fee policies. CPA WorldTax invoices based upon time spent on a return.

Additional complexity, higher volume, investment activities, services not specified below and/or tax research are billed at our standard hourly rates.

CPA WorldTax realizes that there are many reasons for choosing a particular structure for your business.  Tax is always an important reason but other reasons could include estate planning or planning for future growth.



Fee in USD

U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (1040) including LLC

Schedule C –Profit or Loss from Business (Sole Proprietorship) included in U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (1040)



U.S. Income Tax Return for an S Corporation



U.S. Return of Partnership Income



U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return


Average Fees for U.S. Business Tax Returns that need to be filed for various Foreign Reporting Requirements


Title Fee in USD
8804, 8805 & 8813
Annual Return for Partnership Withholding Tax
Foreign Partner's Info Statement of Sec 1446 Withholding Tax
Partnership Withholding Tax Payment Voucher



Certificate of Partner-Level Items to Reduce Sec 1446 Withholding $375-$500

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